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2010年Yoga alliance RYT200Hrsを東京とアメリカにて修了。その後、子供を対象にしたヨガ=キッズヨガ“YOGAed.”のトレーナーとして、日本各地の保育園、小学校等の教育機関や各地イベントでキッズヨガクラスを担当し、保育士対象の研修講師を務める。現在は、東京、New Yorkにてキッズヨガインストラクター養成講講座を開催している。また、4度の日本と米国での出産を通じ、産前・産後の女性の精神面、身体面において、いかにヨガが有効であるかを身を持って感じたその経験をもとに、一人でも多くの女性達のお役に立てればという願いから、骨盤周りにフォーカスした骨盤調整ヨガを教え


Yuki has relocated 3 times between Japan and the U.S. in the last 15
years.  She has earned RYT200 in Japan and the U.S., is a certified in Pelvic
Adjustment Yoga and Maternity Yoga, and also a trainer of YOGAed.,
a kids yoga program. Yuki has taught kids (3 to 13 year old) yoga at preschool and elementary schools in Japan and US since 2010. She has taught and is still teaching Teachers Training of YOGAed. ( every summer.
Having given  birth to four children, she knows first hand how Yoga can assist and support women before and after the childbirth. Yuki specializes in helping women to self-care for their well-being by combining pelvic self-adjustment and yoga techniques. Her passion is to bring awareness to the need for turning inward, nurturing oneself and finding greater self-acceptance and love. She has been connecting with many women who play multiple roles as mothers, wives, daughters, and women. YOGA is not just meant for people with flexible bodies, nor just for exercising in the studio, but for everybody, anywhere, anytime, outside of the yoga studio, in their daily life. In fact, yoga is most needed for the busiest women!

Yukiko Murai