An urban yoga & art oasis on the edge of nyc, in the heart of Fort Lee

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Class packages are going up effective August 31st! 

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Special Discounts & Freeze Policies

*    10% discount available on class packs and memberships if you sign up before your new student special expires;

**  15% discount to college students, local grade school teachers and staff, seniors (over 65), emergency services workers, members of the armed forces, veterans, and members of the Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce.

*** Auto Pay Monthly and Annual Memberships Only: You can freeze your membership if you anticipate being away for longer than 10 days (requires 7 days written notice; maximum 60 days per calendar year, and up to 6 months for valid medical reasons).

Effective August 31st, our 5-Class Pack will be $90 ($18 per class, 5-month expiration), and our 10-Class Pack will be $160 per month ($16 per class, 10-month expiration).  Expiration dates can only be extended for valid medical reasons.  


WE ALSO OFFER (please inquire for scheduling and pricing):

Private/Semi-Private Sessions, Couple/Partner Yoga Sessions

Corporate/Workplace Yoga Classes, Healthfair/Wellness Events, Meditation Instruction

Mind/Body Wellness and Alternative Healing Modalities: Reiki, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Massage, Aromatherapy, Nutrition Coaching, Life Coaching, Cambo Healing, CBD Oil Therapy

Yoga, Wellness or Art (including face and body painting and glow in the dark) inspired Birthday Parties and Bridal Celebrations