An urban yoga & art oasis on the edge of nyc, in the heart of Fort Lee


Please try to keep  clutter to a minimum in the studio.  You can leave extra belongings in the reception area.  

In the studio, we have yoga mats (for rental or sale) and props such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters (free to use).  We can also bring them to our outdoor classes if you notify us sufficiently in advance.

Bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move in and out of the yoga poses uninhibited (your gym wear typically will do).  Almost everyone practices barefooted (no socks), and we request that you take your shoes off before entering the studio.

Let your own body be your guide, but it may be best to practice on an empty stomach.  A light snack such as fruit or veggies, fresh juice or water is okay half hour before practice.  You can of course drink water.  

Please remember to turn your cell phones on silent or off, and answers any calls, if necessary, once you are in the hallway.  

If you are coming in late, please come in as quietly as you can during the meditation and just sit.  Do  not unroll your mat or set up until meditation is over.  If the class is chanting or about to chant OM, please just wait until after to enter the room.