Pure Bliss Yoga  Fort Lee, NJ


Bring your yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move in and out of the yoga poses uninhibited (your gym wear typically will do).  Keep in mind some poses may have you in an upside down position - even if you "don't do inversions."  Just consider what you'd be comfortable wearing in downward facing dog - your classic inverted V shape yoga pose.  

Drinking lots of water after class is a good habit, but it is encouraged that you refrain from eating and even drinking immediately before practice.  Generally eat and drink far enough in advance for your body to process the food/drink. For a big meal, that's 3-4 hours before practice.  Of course, don't starve or dehydrate yourself!  A light snack such as fruit or veggies, fresh juice or water is okay even half hour before practice.

For outdoor yoga, dress appropriately for the weather and event, and bring your mat, towel and water.  

In the studio, we have yoga mats (for rental or sale) and props such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters (free to use).  We can also bring them to our outdoor classes if you notify us sufficiently in advance.