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 ✅ South of France



Retreat on the French Riviera with Zeni

Relax your mind. Heighten your senses. Step into the vibrant life you deserve. We are talking zen luxury in the heart of the French Riviera! Perched over fabulous Cannes a fabulous villa awaits your fabulous self! Relax in a heated azure blue pool, under a cascading waterfall, taking in breathtaiking scenery - French jardins, palm trees, stony pathways, verandas and the dotted with yachts Mediterranean Sea.  

200HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

(February through June 2019) 


Erica Arce


Jay Karlinsky and guest teachers

Please contact us at:

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July 27!      Saturday Night Lights UP!

Body Art, Food, Fun with Friends @ Pure Bliss GlowGa!

​From: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Who is this training for?
School teachers, yoga teachers, occupational therapists, day care workers, social workers, camp counselors, parents, grandparents, nannies and anyone who loves working with children!

*** You do NOT need to be a certified yoga teacher to take this training.

Celebrate Summer Solstice and International Day of Yoga with With Yoga and Live Music!

​Join Zeni and Benjamin Corson

Pelvic Adjustments Yoga with Murai Yukiko | 骨盤調整ヨガ 

Tuesdays - 11:30am - 1:00pm (ongoing) 


骨盤調整ヨガは、骨盤周りの筋肉を調整しながら、体全体の筋肉をほぐし、体幹力をつけることで、頭痛、肩こり、腰痛予防、更年期障害 の軽減はもちろんのこと、産前ママは、出産に向けて骨盤を整え、産後ママは、出産で開いた骨盤を整えていきます。ヨガ初めての方、身

Think about what your yoga practice has done for your life ...

Now imagine sharing this beautiful practice with a child, and what that will do for their life.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Combining art, music and yoga, this otherworldly experience will unleash your creativity and help you reach into the deepest parts of your soul. Using our bodies as canvas and special glow in the dark body paint, we will start by turning each other into works of art. It will be a visual symphony of radiant bodies, flowing in unison to the rhythms of our breath and some soul-shaking music. A psychedelic union of body, mind and soul! Stay after class for some freestyle dancing and refreshments.

Yoga teacher & festival presenter Zeni, together with Monty Knowles, a world renown bodypainter, photographer & yogi from the Bahamas, and Konozco, an artist who shies away from no artistic medium and whose art is in private and museum collections on 6 continents, will lead the event.

What to bring/wear: The paint comes easily off with water, but make it easy on yourself and bring a yoga mat that's easy to rinse. Ideally wear a swimsuit or hot yoga style wear that you don't mind getting some paint on (though the paint is washable, sometimes it may stain light colored fabrics). Anything with neon colors or white glows very nice. PLEASE SKIP THE BLACK CLOTHES THIS ONE TIME :) 

Register Here: $27/person --- Bring a Friend / Come as a couple - whatever works - it's $45 / pair!

The real ending time is "whenever," but we plan to start class at 8:30pm. The time before (6:00-8:00) is for painting and photo opps. Party & dance after class.   

outdoor Yoga with Live Music

The Peace Play method of teaching yoga to children incorporates games, music, props, arts & crafts, imagination and so much more!
In this training we will cover:

  • Child friendly yoga poses, partner & group poses, games, activities, chanting and songs
  • Yoga philosophy for children, chanting, intention setting, gratitude practices 
  • Pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • How to plan, structure and teach a children's yoga class
  • How to use props, music, stories, crafts affirmations and more
  • Planting and teaching yoga birthday parties and other special events
  • Yoga for the classroom
  • The business of teaching children's yogaPLUS continued resources and support after the training weekend!

Pure Bliss Yoga Aug 2 - 4

Friday, 3 - 9pm

Saturday & Sunday 10 - 6:30pm