An urban yoga oasis on the edge of nyc and in the heart of Fort Lee, NJ

Class Descriptions

Our classes vary between 60 and 90 minutes.

Peaceful Warrior (Level 1) - A slow paced, alignment focused, flow -- great for those newer to yoga.

Blissful Flow /Bliss Hour (Level 1/2) - A slow to medium paced flow appropriate for beginner and intermediate students, as well as those who just want to bliss out and savor a slower practice.  Currently the Bliss Hour lunchtime classes are more of a gentle yoga class than a regular flow and we may formerly convert them to Gentle Yoga and/or add additional lunchtime classes, as these classes build.

Rise & Shine - Similar to Blissful Flow but adjusted for a vibrant start of the morning.

Spiritual Warrior (Level 1/2) - This class is an invigorating blend of vinyasa and kundalini yoga.  Great for all levels.

Radiance Flow /Radiance Hour (Open Level) - This class builds to a medium to fast paced flow and it includes some advanced asanas.  It is recommended that you have knowledge of the basic yoga postures in advance.  Modifications are welcomed and will be offered, whether to make the poses more accessible or more challenging.  The practice gradually mellows out to finish with a blissful meditation and savasana.

Goddess Flow (Prenatal, Postnatal and Women-Only Yoga) - This class is primarily geared to expectant moms, but can also benefit women in general and offers adjustments and modifications to those in the sensitive post-natal period.  Because there are no women in the class women can relax and talk about women specific issues more comfortably and form a caring and supportive community.  

Pelvic Floor Adjustment Yoga - this class is also women-only and it will be taught in Japanese.  It will be held on Tuesdays around lunchtime, starting in mid November.  See description under "Events."

Kids Yoga - Our current kids yoga class is geared toward the 7 to 11 age group, but it's a soft guideline and a mature 6 year old or a play loving 12 year old will do just fine in this class as well.  Yes, it's serious yoga and meditation, but we make time for fun too!  It is great to build character, improve focus and school performance, and develop better posture, physical agility, strength and flexibility.

Pure Power - This is a Level 2+ class, where your yoga practice really takes flight.  Steps to more advanced asanas will be taught and you will find supportive and encouraging environment to really dial it up to YOUR next level, so long as you are not dialing up with your ego! 

Remember, yoga is not a competition and it does not matter how good you are, or what level you are at, or what your neighbor is doing. Your mat is your private island, free of judgments (of yourself or others).  If we look to others, it is only for inspiration and guidance, but our truest guide is our own body and intuition. On or off the mat, our practice empowers us to lead from the heart.